Stevia Leaf

The Sweet Solution

Stevia rebaudiana is a naturally sweet plant mainly found in South America. Stevia has been used from last 1500 years to sweeten beverages by Guarani people in South America. It is also widely used in Brazil and Paraguay to sweeten teas and other local drinks. Despite being over 30 times sweeter than normal sugar, Stevia does not contain any calories and safe to consume even for a diabetic. Stevia is world wide accepted as a natural sugar alternative. Additionally, many recent research on Stevia have shown promising results on various diseases.

Our story with Stevia started 14 years back in the 2003 when we first cultivated Stevia in our nursery. Currently we are manufacturing Stevia sweeteners and healthcare products. Natural sweetener products made from stevia are in the brand name “Stevifit”. It’s available in table top powder, sachet, liquid and tablet form.